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I wrote this when I was 19, the same age as the main character. So it's very authentic in that sense. I simply wanted to show people what it was like to spend a day hanging out with my high school friends. I initially didn't intend to write a comedy but it ended up being funny so I embraced that as much as I could. 


At first I thought I would make this guerrilla style with my friends/family as the cast. But I quickly learned that no matter how good I could make the script, if there weren't great actors and experienced crew members bringing this to life then it wasn't going to work. That was when I found David Rudd who took a chance on me and decided to be the film's producer. Quickly this little script I wrote became a professional feature film project. And once we were able to secure funding, we were off and away. 


Filming took place a year ago, it was a wild ride and I look back on those memories fondly. Working with my amazing cast and talented crew was an absolute delight. I'm not sure what is going to happen with this film. But I can confidently say that the finished product was exactly what we intended to make, with no compromises. And I can only hope people enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed making it.

Dylan Anthny Moran

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